There may be occasions whenever one isn’t getting any hot water at all but one knows for sure the water heater is not even close to needing to be swapped out. Right here are three points which Water Heater Repair St Petersburg FL suggests checking first to check if they are the cause. All three are duties which just about any property owner could easily do, as well.

St Petersburg Homeowner Things to Examine When Not Having Any Hot Water from the Water HeaterSt Petersburg water heater repairs

First of all, take a look at the temperature setting on the water heater thermostat. Normally, ones water heater is in an area of the home where there are not many activities which will take place, still it is a possibility that the thermostat was knocked and accidentally lowered. We are parents of small children, and you can’t ever know what can happen. In case it is set at a temp under, say, 100 degrees, it has been shifted. The typical setting ought to be about 120 degrees.

While one is still around the water heater, look to see if the pilot light is still lit. It is a possibility that it has blown out and should be reignited. If the pilot light hasn’t blown out, the water within the storage tank is not going to be very hot for very long. The majority of more modern water heaters contain a self ignition button that makes it straightforward to relight the water heater. When ones heater is not as new and has to be “manually” relit, take a look at the following video to learn the way to do so:

Not to appear silly, but think about whether it is a possibility that the water storage tank is making an attempt at reheating water. When a lot of hot water using things and devices have just completed utilizing, or are in the process of making use of hot water, the storage tank may need to catch up to the hot water requirement. If this is a thing that occurs frequently in ones property, the size of the present water heater might not be adequate for ones hot water preferences. We can help decide if a larger storage tank is necessary. We are also able to share information on tankless water heaters to check if that could be a good choice for the home.

When one has an electric water heater put in in the home, we suggest checking to verify if the breaker got tripped. In cases where it has been tripped, it won’t supply electrical energy for the water heater. If it’s been tripped for quite a while, the water inside the storage tank won’t be very warm, and that is the issue. In case that is the issue, flip the breaker switch off, then switch it to the on position. Wait a few minutes to be sure it remains on and doesn’t trip itself again. In case it does turn off just as before, contact us to determine the reason it isn’t staying on.

There can be other reasons why the water heater is not providing any hot water that we would have to inspect, and are not items one needs to be examining for, on account of safety factors. Though a reasonably safe and maintenance free property appliance, hot water heaters might be harmful and should only be taken care of by a qualified plumber.