With the winter season ramping up, having a hot shower and washing dishes using hot water is frequently luxurious! However if one’s water heater is taking a long time to warm the water, day to day life can be aggravating and the winter season may seem even colder. It’s very important, if there is a clear difference in one’s water heater’s efficiency throughout the winter months, to get the water heater assessed by us. Nevertheless, there are various upkeep tasks which any homeowner may undertake that could drastically affect the efficiency of the water heater, and help prevent the need for a St Petersburg Water Heater Repair.

Repair Tasks to Improve St Petersburg Water Heater EffectivenessSt Petersburg Water Heater Efficiency

The very first thing one should do if having a hot water problem is to check out the area near the water heater. If the water heater is placed in a basement, particularly an unfinished basement, it could be too cold. It would certainly benefit the hot water heater and, therefore, the water that goes into one’s home, to have the area surrounding the water heater well insulated and not drafty. In addition, the hot water pipes that take the hot water from the water heater to the faucets in the home could be becoming cold and cooling down the water on the trip. It is super easy to wrap pipe insulation around the piping, and the affect can be enormous!

Dip Tube Servicing

Many water heaters have a dip tube, which is a little tube on the base of the tank which lets cold water into the tank without cooling the stored hot water near the top. The dip tube is a plastic material, though, and can break or crack. If the dip tube is damaged, cold water will be able to leak into the hot water storage, which will lead to the water going in the residence to be cooler than desired. The good news is, it is pretty simple to swap most dip tubes.

Water Heater Blankets

These types of uniquely manufactured blankets go over the water heater and keep the temperature of the water steady. One may want to look into a water heater blanket if the water heater is cold to the touch. If a blanket is required, one will be able to move the temperature setting down a bit as the blanket will warm the water, approximately 10 degrees greater than where its set.

In cases where every one of these servicing duties were attempted and one is still having a problem with the temperature of the water, call us! One of our specialists may have to look at the heating element or perhaps the pilot burner. It doesn’t matter the difficulty, we will get ones water heater functioning at top efficiency fast!